Cybercrime is the 2nd top man-made threat facing the world today: WEF 2019

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on Feb 21, 2019 12:31:48 PM

In today’s modern workplace, the organisations we serve rely on new technologies, cloud-services, e-commerce, and mobile & interconnected workforces. In that environment, our clients are entrusted with sensitive data relating to their customers, employees and shareholders daily. As their trusted cybersecurity advisors, it’s always a good idea to stop and take stock of the strategies we’re pushing them to employ.

It all comes down to asking ourselves one question:  Are we giving our clients the best protection?

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) latest Global Risks Report 2019 serves as an impetus to kickstart those conversations. The report found that cyberattacks and their potential to cripple critical infrastructure remains one of the biggest risks facing the world today.

Both large-scale cyberattacks and mass incidents of data theft feature in the top five most likely risks in the report. Data fraud/theft is also the second most likely man-made threat facing the world today, short of failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation. Extreme weather ranked as the top threat facing our world today. The report’s findings are based on the annual Global Risks Perception Survey, which asks the Forum’s network of business, government, civil society and thought leaders to gauge the risks facing our world.

“A large majority of respondents expected increased risks in 2019 of cyber-attacks leading to theft of money and data (82%) and disruption of operations (80%). The survey reflects how new instabilities are being caused by the deepening integration of digital technologies into every aspect of life,” the report stated.

The WEF report comes as a reminder to all of us looking to enhance our clients’ cybersecurity strategies that there is still room for improvement. The fact remains that tens of millions of computers are being exploited, with news of companies being hacked surfacing daily.

With such a large proportion of global senior professionals in the report warning us of the seriousness of cybercrime today, we can’t afford to dismiss this warning as another scaremongering tactic. The stakes are too high, the threat is real, and a critical need exists for us to re-evaluate what we can do to boost our clients’ cyber defences.

To help partners with communications about cybercrime, we urge you to go to our Partner Portal. You’ll find several resources there, such as whitepapers and infographics with the latest updates, infographics and statistics on the cybersecurity landscape that you can use when conversing with your clients. Take a look at the CyberReady Industry Snapshots with insights for a range of verticals, including government, education, health, financial services, retail and manufacturing.

Speak to a MailGuard Account Manager about your plans, to see how we can support you more. MailGuard can help with blog content, eDMs, case studies and events, to name just a few of the ways that we’re helping partners, and protecting businesses.  

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