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Cybercrime changes quickly. Are you giving your clients the best protection?

91% of all cyberattacks start with a phishing email. Get CyberReady now with MailGuard.

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MailGuard customers are in good company

We've developed these resources to communicate why smart businesses add an extra layer of protection to their Office 365 email security.

Because savvy business leaders know that ‘clicks happen', MailGuard is used by leading companies to bolster their native email security.

Here are some of our latest resources

We've created these resources to help you educate your customers on the dangers of scam emails and how to spot them.

If you're interested in having any of these resources co-branded, please contact your MailGuard sales representative to submit a marketing request.

Scam or Safe Quiz

Can your clients spot the difference between scam emails and the real thing?

Test your customers' and prospects' ability by sharing the quiz with them. 



To make it easy for you to share the quiz and to get the conversation started,

we've put together a Conversation Catalyst document for you.

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MailGuard CyberReady resources

Download and share industry-targeted marketing collateral with your clients

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