New phishing attack using fake Microsoft branding

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 16 February 2018 12:32:58 AEDT

Zero-day phishing attack detected by MailGuard: this phishing email is designed to look like an invoice notification message from 
Microsoft Dynamics.

You can see in the screenshot above, that this is not a very well designed email scam, but the use of Microsoft’s branding makes the scam more likely to fool people.

The email contains a link labelled ‘view dynamics nav document’ that points to a fake Microsoft sign-in page.

This is actually a phishing site that collects the Microsoft login credentials of the scam victim - see screenshot below:


It should be noted that the display name shown in the scam email ‘sender’ field is Microsoft Dynamic365 but the actual sender address is - 
not a genuine Microsoft address. This is a clear indication that this message is not authentic.

This cyber-attack is a classic example of brandjacking - a scam format that illegally exploits the logos and trademarks of major corporations to deceive victims and persuade them to click on harmful links. 
Being such a well known and trusted company, Microsoft is an ideal brandjacking target.

If you see this message arrive in your inbox, please be sure to delete it immediately.


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