Emmanuel Marshall 26 February 2018 15:45:27 AEDT 2 MIN READ

Phishing attack exploiting Office 365 branding on fake login page

A new phishing scam has been detected by MailGuard, exploiting the trademarks of 
Microsoft Office 365 and Xerox.

This criminal intent email attack takes the form of a plain text message purporting to be a Xerox document sharing notification. 
See screenshot below:


If the recipient clicks on the ‘view document’ link they are taken to a phishing page hosted on a compromised Wordpress site.

The scammers behind this attack have set up their phishing page to look like an Office 365 sign in portal.


The objective of the scam is to harvest victim’s login credentials when they sign into the fake portal.

Please take care not to open this message if it turns up in your inbox.

Phishing scams can result in serious data breaches for individuals and companies which are costly and potentially very damaging to computer systems.


Take Action to Defend Your Business

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