Akankasha Dewan Nov 29, 2019 9:05:18 AM 3 MIN READ

“The innovation that we want to see”: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on MailGuard 365


Innovation has always been a key focus for us here at MailGuard.

Being pioneers of cloud email security, we’ve continued to expand our tech and product footprint in our mission to protect as many users from the predations of cybercrime as possible. It was a fantastic feeling to have our hard work recognized by Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella in his keynote speech during his visit to Australia this week. 

Speaking about Microsoft's commitment to creating an end-to-end security infrastructure, Satya explained that Microsoft has built its platform with "openness, all of what we see, the trillions of signals, are available in a graph to ISVs...I had a chance to learn about an ISV [MailGuard] locally doing fantastic work, especially around creating threat protection around social engineering, that's the type of innovation that we want to see, where we share the signal and we allow for a 'defense in depth' approach."

Satya was talking specifically about our new offering, MailGuard 365, that we’ve built in collaboration with the team at Microsoft to protect the 200 million Office 365 users worldwide. A brand-new, evolutionary approach to email security, it re-scans for email threats that we never want our customers to personally experience.  

Exclusive to the Microsoft Marketplace (AppSource & the Azure Marketplace), it is a cloud-based email security solution that inspects emails after they pass through the Microsoft Office 365 security stack and any other 3rd party email security vendors. MailGuard 365 is the last security check before your customers could make a catastrophic mistake.

Satya’s acknowledgment of the important work that we’re doing together with Microsoft is very encouraging. We’ve always been huge advocates of taking a defense in depth approach when it comes to cybersecurity, so it is heartening to hear that our efforts are firmly aligned with Microsoft’s vision of a collaborative, end-to-end security infrastructure that allows us to “move faster than the adversary”.

Thank you, Satya, and thank you partners, for your unwavering support in helping MailGuard 365 attain this global recognition. MailGuard 365 is available globally if you have an existing Azure subscription via the Azure marketplace, and available in the United States on AppSource. We’ll keep you posted on MailGuard 365’s general availability in the coming weeks.

To find out more about MailGuard 365, please reach out to your Account Manager at the details below.

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