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In a recent article I discussed how MailGuard uses Hootsuite to manage social media but it seems SMEs are still either hesitant or unwilling to take advantage of the social network. Small business owner Maureen Pound suggests that there are several psychological factors keeping SMEs from utilising social media and its potential market.

Earlier this month, Telstra released the results from a survey which found the majority of small businesses aren’t using social media.

The story hit the media and several great articles were written detailing the stats, including Gina Baldassarre’s article for Dynamic Business. Interesting. But, so what?

As a small business owner myself, I am sitting on the social media fence – I recently ran my own Facebook marketing campaign which turned a $100 investment in advertising into $23k worth of revenue. Not bad.

But I know I am in the minority, talking through social media with coaching clients has given me this insight – and more.

So why are most small businesses shying away from social media?

1. Small business is still riding the first wave of the trend

At the moment we are seeing the early adopters who forge out ahead and take on tactics such as social media in their marketing from the get-go.

This can yield some great results as they position themselves as innovative, but can have some drawbacks and risks in terms of time and monetary investment. Risk-takers are simply the minority in the population.

2. We all like to feel safe

This is especially the case in small businesses, because there’s so much on the line. Most will wait until they think something is a sure thing before they opt-in in a big way.

There are plenty of visible social media gurus out there these days, but the hard evidence is not as apparent. What we know about the sales process also applies here: if people are uncertain, they’ll opt for no.

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