Emmanuel Marshall 10 January 2018 10:03:08 AEDT 2 MIN READ

Netflix Imitated Again in New Phishing Scam

MailGuard has detected a new zero-day phishing scam using fake Netflix branding.

Netflix has become a favourite vehicle for email fraudsters. Their large customer base makes them a valuable target for brandjacking; cybercrime that exploits the trademarks of well-known companies to deceive victims.

As shown in the image above, this email is a well designed fake; it shows ‘Netflix’ as the sender name and prominently displays the Netflix logo.

There is an ‘update payment’ button in the body of these emails which links to a phishing website with bogus Netflix branding - see image below:


This sort of phishing scam allows cybercriminals to harvest victim’s credit card credentials. The phishing page is designed to operate like a legitimate login portal. It asks for card details and password verification, then ejects the scam victim to a real Netflix page to allay suspicion.

MailGuard has successfully prevented these emails from reaching our customers, but unprotected inboxes will be affected today. Please exercise caution if you are not a MailGuard customer.

This new round of phishing emails follows the Netflix branded scam MailGuard broke November 3 last year, which made international media headlines.

Please share this alert with your social media network to help us make the people aware of the threat.


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