MailGuard Editor 15 January 2018 12:45:44 AEDT 1 MIN READ

Car insurance company Bingle brandjacked in breaking phishing scam

We’ve intercepted and blocked a zero-day phishing scam, in the latest brandjacking of Australian car insurance company Bingle. The simple yet well-formatted and deceptive HTML email claims to have received your car insurance application and asks for corrections.  

The email is not personalised, addressed to ‘owner of the car’ within the body of the content. The actual phishing link text reads ‘Please download your certificate and correct it’. But don’t be fooled — the URL takes you to a malicious zip file containing a JavaScript payload (an application to automate Application Programming Interface (API) requests and render HTML data).

The email sender display name is: Bingle - part of the Suncorp Group. Sender email address: admin{at}victorychurch{dot}net{dot}au. The sender domain appears to be a valid website for a South Australian church.

Bingle have been alerted via social media regarding the brandjacking of their logo for this email scam.

Compromised MailChimp email accounts on the rise

Lately we’ve seen a few compromised MailChimp accounts used to send criminal-intent emails, and this is no exception. We can confirm that the sender address for this fake Bingle email is using a MailChimp account.

If you suspect your MailChimp account has been compromised you can report it to the MailChimp Abuse Desk via Twitter.

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