Daniel McShanag 24 September 2018 12:42:09 AEST 1 MIN READ

Warning: Invoice and eFax scams spoofing signage company

This morning MailGuard is blocking a large run of emails purporting to come from a company named ‘PP Sign Management.'

The simple plain text emails are sent from MailChimp accounts and contain a link to a compromised host.


The emails appear to recipients as an invoice as above, or in the image below the email offers a link to an eFax.


Clicking the links to the invoice or eFax will take unsuspecting recipients to a compromised host that delivers a malicious archive file that contains a Javascript file.

All of the emails are sent from MailChimp accounts, with display names that read ‘From: E-Fax,’ ‘From: PP Sign Management,’ or ‘From: Sign Management,’ with a subject reading ‘Invoice from Sign Management’ or ‘E-fax September 24’  

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