ImageGuard is a real time illicit image analysis and management engine that assesses all image files passing through your email server.

Is Illicit Content Like Pornography Being Exchanged Via Your Email System?

Illicit content like pornography can damage your company culture, create a hostile working environment and increase the risk of legal liability. Illicit images continue to travel in and out of enterprise email systems, hidden within a mass of legitimate business images.

Legal Liability And Reputational Damage

Images stored on networks and passing through corporate email systems are the legal responsibility of that company. This constitutes a huge risk in terms of legal liability, potential harassment lawsuits, reputation and brand damage if email images are not monitored and filtered appropriately. By implementing ImageGuard, combined with an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) governing employee network access, the severe implications from misuse can be avoided.

Identify High Risk Senders And Receivers

ImageGuard provides the technology to differentiate pornographic images from the mass of legitimate business images travelling through your email gateway on a daily basis. Once an image is identified as suspect, MailGuard's enterprise-grade email filtering application is able to record other details such as sender, recipient, date and time.


Get Protected

Implementing ImageGuard is a quick and simple process that protects 
your business and your employees with immediate effect.


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Protect Your Busines From Legal Liability

Implementation of an image management system within a company’s network demonstrates that the company has met its duty of care to its employees.

In conjunction with an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), the company can demonstrate that it employs best practice to protect its employees and infrastructure.

Protect Your Brand 

A company’s brand image can be easily damaged by employee actions, which can ultimately affect the top and bottom line.

With a significant number of high profile cases involving well known companies and their employees, it is easy to see how your organisations brand equity can be seriously tarnished in the absence of appropriate protection and controls.

Increase Productivity

It has been demonstrated that employees who are aware of image management systems quickly desist from sending pornographic material and adjust their behaviour within the corporate network.

Less time spent sharing and sending inappropriate content means more time spent on business, leading to increased employee productivity.

Preserve And Manage Bandwidth

Image files are, by nature, larger than text based documents and as a result consume more bandwidth and storage.

ImageGuard dissuades employees from sending or storing inappropriate material, thereby freeing up valuable network bandwidth.

Preserve Email Archives

Many organisations archive and store email using a service (like SafeGuard) to achieve regulatory compliance.

Unless filtered, any email containing an illicit image will be archived leaving a permanent record in the system.

Protect Your Employees From Themselves

Any employee, even high profile, high salaried and important company executives can transmit and receive inappropriate content.

Resulting in dismissal or disciplinary action, network abuse can result in the potential loss of a highly valuable company asset and disruption to your broader employee network.

Management Control & Oversight Of Content

In many companies network administrators will admit they do not have any idea what potentially damaging image content is flowing in and out, and residing on their network.

ImageGuard is a powerful management tool which offers companies assistance in controlling and securing their data.