Gabi Power Jun 23, 2022 2:14:07 PM 3 MIN READ

Protect Your Clients from Scams this EOFY

As end of financial year is rapidly approaching, your customers are probably working overtime to tie up loose ends and close off their books. For scammers, EOFY is like Christmas. They ramp up both the scale and the quality of their attacks, aiming to catch out any worker who’s distracted by meeting the June 30 deadline.  

At this time of year, they can expect to receive a flood of phone calls, text messages and of course emails from scammers masquerading as CEOs or CFOs, suppliers, and the ATO or other government bodies. Last year alone there were more than 50,000 reports of scammers impersonating the ATO, and as cybercrime rates continue to rise, you can expect this number to increase in 2022.  

To help reduce the headache that comes with navigating EOFY scams, we’ve put together an eBook that covers the tricks fraudsters will likely use, and offers tips on how businesses can protect themselves.  

As you continue to assist your customers in fortifying their cybersecurity strategies, you may like to share our eBook “Protect Your Team from Scams this EOFY” with them so that they’re better protected.  

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While education on cybersecurity is important, your customer’s best protection against cyberattacks this EOFY is implementing a specialist cloud email security solution. MailGuard’s cloud-based email filtering will help to prevent fast-breaking attacks like those mentioned in the eBook up to 48 hours ahead of others on the market.  

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