Client Spotlight: Capitol Health

Posted by Akankasha Dewan on Apr 29, 2019 1:35:36 PM

Capitol Health is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services to the Australian healthcare market. 

Their objective is to build a leading healthcare business with potential for sustainable growth and profitability.  

We spoke to Brendan Revell, head of IT at Capitol Health to find out more about the company’s cybersecurity strategy and their experiences working with MailGuard.

Q & A with Brendan Revell, Head of IT, Capitol Health

As a company, what does cybersecurity mean to you? How would you define it, and what processes do you have in place to ensure your organisation is cyber resilient? 

"At Capitol Health, we’re serious about cybersecurity. We have formulated 3 strategic steps which form the cornerstone of our cybersecurity strategy.

The first is to “Integrate”, i.e. weave security into the fabric of the organisation. Our goal is to live and breathe cybersecurity within the company. Technology has a massive role to play within our company, and so we believe it’s the responsibility of each and every end user to protect how we use that technology.

One specific part of this step that we’re focusing on at the moment is around education – for every end user to take on some sort of training on becoming more cyber vigilant. 

For instance, we are proud of including cybersecurity as a key component of our onboarding process, so any new staff member we have goes through thorough training to ensure that they are up-to-date on how to safely manage passwords, for example.

In essence, the component of ‘integrate’ in our cybersecurity strategy places an onus on every single employee to think about security in their day-to-day lives. It has become part of the ethos of the business.

The second part of our strategy is “Prepare”, which is centred around prevention, detection and response. We believe in planning for what is expected and preparing for the unexpected.

We can expect that we will continually be attacked. As we all know, 9 out of 10 attacks come from email. The best way that we can prepare for that is to implement layered-email security and use the best-in-breed email security to defend our company’s inboxes.

That’s why we have MailGuard in place.  

We also have a Security Operations Centre (SOC) that monitors our environment – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So, from a security perspective, they are looking at thousands of logs everyday through tools such as AI, machine-learning and their security expertise. They triage and determine what’s normal network chatter and what’s a potential threat. 

The security landscape is constantly changing - there’s new threats every day. And so, we need to make sure that all of the vendors we work with in the security space are continuously evolving and updating and improving their technologies.  

The last step we have for our strategic steps is “Measure”. And be honest in doing so. This means, that if we think that we’re not performing as well in one area of our cybersecurity then we need to present that to the board or roll it up to higher management and say “hey, we’re poor here and this is what we need to do to improve it”. This applies vice-versa too. If we think we’re performing well, in our email security for example, we can’t just sit back and not think about it. We need to ensure we’re continually thinking about improving our processes even further, testing and measuring how we’re tracking.  

Measuring where we’re at in terms of cybersecurity is at the forefront of our business and a key priority. Cybercrime is now the #1 crime in Australia which is super scary. Moreover, the health services sector is the #1 targeted sector, surpassing the financial services sector. The regulatory requirements regarding data privacy and reporting are also now more stringent, further bringing cybersecurity on the board’s radar."

What motivated you to choose MailGuard as your company’s email security solution? 

"I started the cybersecurity journey around 3 years ago when cybersecurity really started to ramp up. When I started at Capitol Health, I discovered that we didn’t have Exchange On-Prem which was great because that meant one less headache to worry about. However, I saw that we were only using a native Office 365 email filtering and needed to implement another specialist cloud email security solution.

Additionally, I rely on relationships a lot in both my professional and personal decisions. Knowing Bill Rue, CTO of MailGuard, I reached out to him and we got together and talked all things tech.  I knew that he would only recommend a product that’s beneficial to Capitol Health and I obviously did my own due diligence and it turns out that MailGuard was the best choice for us and that’s why we’ve kept MailGuard." 

What’s the biggest value that MailGuard brings to you?  

"We all know that a trillion emails go around the world every day, and that 90% of cyberattacks start from email. It’s a massive attack factor because it’s so easy. That’s why if we only have the native Office 365 email protection we would be so much more vulnerable from that perspective.

The number of emails that an additional layer of email security solution such as MailGuard stops is huge – from a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Just like every other organisation, we have happy clickers. You can’t stop or track what each employee is clicking every single minute of the day, so you have to have the right protection in place who will ensure that peace of mind. MailGuard does this for us."

Would you recommend MailGuard? 

"Of course! Not only does it provide secure and stable infrastructure, but also provides exceptional customer service.   

When it comes to managing cyber threats, Capitol Health’s goal is to bridge the gap between speed of attack and speed of defence, and to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and business operations  

Our desired outcome is cyber resilience – the ability to withstand, respond to, recover from a cyberattack or data breach – and MailGuard is a key part in that for Capitol Health."  

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