Scam: fake St George phishing site steals bank passwords

Posted by Emmanuel Marshall on 31 May 2018 15:19:54 AEST


Scam alert: MailGuard has detected a new email scam using St George Bank trademarks to try and deceive victims into submitting their bank login details to a phishing site.
This cunningly designed scam closely resembles a genuine St George communication.

The email message (shown above) has a realistic looking logo included and the text informs the recipient that “we detected irregular activities on your credit card,” and that “your account has been temporarily suspended for your protection, we must verify your identity.”

The email contains a link “to restore your account,” which has been set up to look like a real St George link. The URL contains the text “,” like the genuine bank website but this text is not the actual domain. The real domain is hidden an points to a phishing page.


Once the unsuspecting scam victim has entered their login credentials on the phishing page (shown above) they are forwarded to further pages that harvest their identifying details like email address and phone number.    


Anyone who progresses to the third page of this phishing site will finally be asked to upload selfie photos of their driver’s license and passport.

The extensive data demanded by these phishing pages would enable the scammers behind this attack to execute sophisticated identity theft fraud.

180531-stgeorge-4MailGuard has prevented this email from reaching our customer’s inboxes, but if you are not yet a MailGuard customer, please exercise caution and keep an eye out for this scam.

Some identifying details to help you spot this malicious message:

  • display name: “OnlineSt.George”
  • display address: “”
  • sending address: “”


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