Why is my business being spammed?

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 01 May 2012 01:10:00 AEST

Spam freeRunning a successful business requires a great deal of time and effort. Sweat, blood and tears in most instances. There is nothing worse than having to waste time dealing with spam when you'd rather be getting important things done. Some businesses are inundated with spam, others get their fair share.

What are the effects of spam?

People cannot stand spam. In fact they despise it. As well as damaging productivity and being a huge headache, it can send stress levels through the roof.

How do spammers get hold of my business email in the first place?

As a successful business owner you are probably working to generate publicity, grow your brand, actively network, communicate with your clients and stakeholders, and ultimately build a business you can be proud of. These noble traits are unfortunately a double-edged sword when it comes to spammers.

When you put your company out into the wild and disclose your business email, you are in fact vulnerable to having your address harvested by spammers. This information is harvested from many different sources like business cards, information disclosed on your company website, or sharing information in legitimate online discussions.

What can businesses do to protect themselves?

To minimise the chances of your company being spammed, there are a number of steps you can take - such as not disclosing full email addresses [eg. use support(at)mailguard(dot)com(dot)au] or using a different email address to engage in online discussions. But the reality is that once your email gets harvested, you'll need to find a more effective method to eliminate spam.

Implementing effective content and spam filtering can eliminate spam and free up bandwidth, meaning your business network runs faster and more efficiently. And consequently, the stress factor is lower.

The AFL kicked a spam-filtering-goal and so can you

The AFL – one of Australia's premier sporting organisations - was facing an inordinate amount of spam. And the volume was doubling every two months.

Implementing an efficient spam filtering solution removed the AFL's spam problem pretty much overnight and their staff have benefited from more time and more bandwidth to get things done.

Read how the AFL's spam problem was fixed »

What can you do today to remove spam from your business?

Fixing spam problems can be an easy as a single phone call or email. And even if you only spend 5 minutes each day dealing with spam, the solution is still cost effective.

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