Emmanuel Marshall 09 May 2018 16:47:18 AEST 1 MIN READ

New phishing scam brandjacking eFax

MailGuard has detected a new phishing scam brandjacking eFax.

Brandjacking scams are a form of email fraud that exploits the branding of well-known companies to convince victims to click on malicious links or open malware infected files.

This fake eFax message (as pictured in the screenshot above) tells the recipient that they have received ‘a new eFax’ and advises them to click on a link button to retrieve their document.

The link goes to a phishing page, which also carries forged eFax branding:

eFax® - The World's -1 Online Fax Service - Google Chrome_048

The phishing page requires the victim to enter their login credentials, which will be harvested by the criminals behind this scam to be used in identity theft.

The sender name and address displayed in this scam message is: 
‘eFax’ - notify2@efax0.com

This is not a genuine eFax email address.


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