Australian Company MailGuard Helps US Giant Zimbra to Enhance Security and Privacy for Business Email Users

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PrivacyA complacent attitude when it comes to email and internet security soon adds up financially, with the Australian Federal Police estimating cybercrime is currently costing Australian businesses $4.6 billion a year. Concerns about cyber privacy and security have grown exponentially as the media spotlight is placed on the world’s largest email providers.

While privacy advocates are reeling, global email giant Google is relishing after a recent court decision in America gave them the right to access all the content and files contained in certain Gmail accounts. The issue itself has been a hotly contested topic with numerous lawsuits popping up around the globe over Google’s privacy and user data policies.

Google’s updated privacy policy has faced increased scrutiny after it was revealed that the company had been scanning and indexing emails automatically. While Google stated the system was put in place to scan for spam and malware as many other email providers automatically do, it also scans emails and collects other information from search results, map requests and YouTube views to tailor advertising without giving the user the choice to switch it off.

Businesses may be unaware that not all email providers snoop, and there are better and safer providers. Two of the world leaders in email hosting and security, Zimbra and MailGuard, have joined forces to give their business customers the security and privacy assurance they deserve.

Brent Rhymes, the President of Field Operations at Zimbra states “Security and privacy breaches have a real business impact. According to a recent IBM study in 2013 alone, US firms suffered 1.5million cyber-attacks costing them $5.2 million.”

Zimbra and MailGuard core business values of security and privacy are what sets them apart from other email vendors. This is why both companies have invested heavily in email hosting and filtering products that provide security through multi-layered filtering for 100% virus and 99.997% spam protection. They ensure that while customer’s emails are filtered for security purposes, no emails are ever scanned for anything other than spam and viruses ensuring complete privacy.

"Strong network security continues to be a priority for organisations," said John Grady, program manager for IDC's Security Products research. "IDC believes growth will accelerate next year as budgets are set to address cloud, mobile and, especially, advanced threats."

The global concern in relation to the ethics and handling of privacy and security is obvious. Craig McDonald, CEO of MailGuard implores “Businesses need to be made aware that they have choices, and not taking affirmative action regarding email and the privacy of their business data could cost the trust of their clients, as well as millions in lost revenue.”

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