MailGuard 08 April 2020 11:05:40 AEST 9 MIN READ

Loose kids, funky backgrounds, bad jokes: What NOT to do during a virtual conference call

It’s happened to the best of us. Trying to log onto a conference call and forgetting the meeting ID and password. Talking with the mute button on or even experiencing ‘frozen faces’ during a video call. Be it due to technological fails or human error, the world of virtual conferencing is full of embarrassing (and sometimes hilarious) mishaps.

Seriously, who isn't familiar with this painful moment?

And with the COVID-19 crisis resulting in a spike in remote working via conference apps such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, these mishaps are fast becoming a more frequent (and daily) occurrence for many of us.

To help you avoid further awkwardness among your colleagues, we’ve rounded up a few things that you shouldn’t be doing during a conference call based on some real (and unfortunate) trending incidents that are, to be honest, pure gold:

1) Don’t play around with your app settings right before a video call

Granted, it’s cool to have a funky virtual background during a video call, especially during casual discussions. But it's not so fun when such features become distracting and start verging on the unprofessional, as these poor souls recently discovered:

Speaking of app settings, make sure you're familiar with the in-built ones too:











And while we're talking about ending video calls properly, try not to let this happen to you: