MailGuard 05 March 2021 13:47:06 AEDT 2 MIN READ

eBook: 10 cyber-attacks that made headlines in 2020

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, and with more businesses operating remotely, the global scourge of cybercrime became even more calamitous in 2020.

From SolarWinds, to Twitter, to Service NSW, regardless of size or sector, a wide array of businesses were impacted. We saw cybercrime become even more opportunistic, targeted and sophisticated.   

In case you missed them, we’ve put together an eBook that captures a quick summary of some notable cyber-attacks that occurred in 2020. It contains insights into the minds of cybercriminals, and valuable lessons on refining existing security practices in order to stay protected.

As you continue fortifying your business’ cybersecurity strategies, share this eBook with your teams to broaden their awareness of the different ways businesses can be compromised, and what steps to take to boost your cyber defences.

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2020 was a year many of us would like to forget, 
but it did provide an opportunity to reflect on our cybersecurity readiness and past choices, at a time when it is needed the most. As we put the year behind us, let’s capitalise on the lessons learnt from these attacks and use them to make our businesses more cyber resilient than ever.