Daniel McShanag 17 October 2017 15:21:37 AEDT 1 MIN READ

Cyber-attack targets accounting software leader MYOB in new email invoice scam

In a cyber-attack that is still ongoing, cyber criminals are mimicking leading accounting software brand MYOB, delivering fake invoices to unsuspecting email recipients. The large-scale attack was first blocked by MailGuard early on Tuesday AEST.

The well formatted HTML email looks legitimate, and comes from a variety of different businesses, with a link to an MYOB invoice. The email claims that payment of the invoice is due shortly on 20 October.  


By clicking the link, unsuspecting users are directed to a compromised SharePoint (One Drive) site that hosts a malicious ZIP, which MailGuard suspects contains a Trojan downloader.  

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 1.56.59 pm.png

At the time of writing, no other vendors are detecting this scam as malicious.

Avoid being duped:

Be very suspicious of any emails that seem awry – either because of lack of customisations (e.g. a generic salutation), ill-timing or if you are not expecting correspondence or an invoice from a particular organization.

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