Upgrade your Salesforce Outlook plugin and super-charge your sales, leads and opportunities

Posted by MailGuard Editor on 25 June 2012 22:00:00 AEST


Chances are you’re familiar with Salesforce – it’s the world’s number one sales application and the leading CRM system. Being cloud-based, using Salesforce is a no-brainer for IT-savvy small and medium sized businesses. In a recent survey of 550 people in technology-driven SMBs, a whopping 59% were using it as their chosen CRM software.

As you can see, its pervasiveness is unquestionable; but nevertheless we identified one area for improvement. Salesforce doesn’t automatically capture email correspondence between Salesforce users and their clients, partners, prospects, or key accounts.

What is the impact of this?

Phone and email correspondence are just as important as each other in this day and age. It’s common practice to log calls and emails in Salesforce as and when they are made or received. Creating notes of a call can be fairly time consuming. So can copying and pasting every email sent (NB: That's why the Outlook plugin for Salesforce is the #1 app).

Because sales people are naturally driven by making their next deal, the logging of these events can become a neglected step. If the task of manually logging emails or notes hasn’t been made, the chance of a miscommunication next time you engage with a customer increases dramatically.

What if there was a way to completely eliminate the chance of human error? What if you could make communication channels even more transparent and also make the life of your sales team easier?

We experienced the same Salesforce problem that many people still suffer from today. The manual inputting of emails was too much double-handling and was costing us time and money. So we came up with a solution based on our expertise.

Fortunately the smart people at Salesforce provide the cloud-based Force platform for other smart companies like MailGuard to build apps to solve such problems. We created CCRM which logs all email correspondence between you and your clients - even those to and from people who aren't Salesforce users (unlike the Outlook plugin). CCRM integrates with Salesforce effortlessly and operates completely in the background. It operates automatically with no user input or end user training required whatsoever.

Being able to track complete threads of communication between your company and your key accounts could be the key to clinching your next big deal or dealing with a critically important support issue, for example.

If you or your clients use Salesforce, you too could be turbo-charging your sales with our killer app that automatically logs all emails between you and your key contacts. It even logs those sent from non-Salesforce users.

Finding out who is talking to who and what is being said couldn’t be any easier. And Salesforce becomes even more effective.

How to take advantage of this killer Salesforce App

You can try CCRM with a 30 day no obligation trial. Get started today and see how much value you can drive into your key accounts!

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