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MailGuard is proud to be an official launch partner of Microsoft Azure Central Australia Regions. Our core email filtering solution is now hosted on Microsoft's new Australian Signals Directorate-certified, hyper-secure, public cloud.

Microsoft developed Azure Australia Central Regions, to host mission-critical applications and services used by the public sector. Designed and operated in partnership with Canberra Data Centres, the public cloud offers an ultra-secure environment for the storage and handling of classified government and other sensitive, customer and national security data.

What this means for MailGuard customers

MailGuard can offer selected customers the opportunity to have their email filtering services hosted on Azure Central, delivering:

  • Ultimate security: Full certification by the Australian Signals Directorate for Unclassified and Protected Data.
  • Compliance: Customers’ unclassified and protected data will be managed securely from the Australian-owned, secret-accredited facilities of the Canberra Data Centres. This is crucial for customers who are custodians of classified or protected information.
  • Resilience: High availability and disaster resilience from the only global cloud in multiple Australian regions (Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra).

Download the Azure Central solutions brochure to find out more.

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Microsoft developed Azure Australia Central Regions for Australian and New Zealand government and critical infrastructure organisations and their suppliers. As such, the migration of customers’ email filtering workloads to Azure Central will be on an invitation-only basis.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the MailGuard team via the form on the right. Otherwise, please contact your MailGuard Account Manager directly.

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