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MailGuard successfully defends businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries. Read about their experiences and how they have benefited from our industry-leading protection. 


AFL thumb
AFL IT resource was experiencing spam mail that was doubling every two months. There were substantial on-going costs associated with managing and updating anti-virus software while, at the same time, increasingly employing time of IT team members in putting out virus and spam 'fires'. An additional concern existed with the possibility of a negative impact on the public image of the organisation... Download Case Study

Quote-signThis is an ideal service, offering a simple to use, realtime and low cost solution.

Australian Retailers Association

ARA thumb
For the ARA its information and communication technologies are vital for doing its job.  Its own success is largely dependent on the smooth application of email, corporate networks and the internet and ARA employees must regularly inform external stakeholders and media about current news and policies affecting the retail sector and core business... Download Case Study

Quote-signMailGuard has significantly increased employee productivity for ARA.

Bakers Delight

bakersdelight thumb
Despite already having server level anti-virus protection in place, Bakers Delight's network fell victim to the Bugbear worm. The severe impact of the worm, despite the efforts of in-house IT resources, led to outsourcing the organisation's email filtering... Download Case Study

Quote-signWhen you have a bun in the oven, the last thing on your mind is whether your virus definitions are up to date.


Carpet Court

Carpet Court
For 18 months, Carpet Court Australia noticed the increased amount of emails with spam and viruses that were entering their mailboxes. Carpet Court relied on their internal mail server for spam and virus filtering, however their IT Manager found that their on premise solution was insufficient for dealing with the influx of spam. ... Download Case Study

Quote-sign Our mail server load reduced significantly, and the user mailbox become ‘quiet’. We can now utilise our internet quota for more meaningful business purposes.

Downs MicroSystems

Downs-Microsystems thumb
Downs MicroSystems was being bombarded with spam. A lot of it.“We found that on average 97 per cent of email previously received was spam and we were losing time and legitimate emails through inadvertent deletion,” Systems Engineer Malcolm Rixon says... Download Case Study

Quote-signMailGuard provides a very economic solution without any time required to configure after it has been put in place.



Lincraft thumb
One of Australia’s leading retailers of home wares, crafts and haberdashery, Lincraft Australia has been protected by MailGuard’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions since January 2009.  MailGuard actively prevents harmful viruses and spam from entering corporate networks, and this security is vital for Lincraft’s retail and online operations... Download Case Study

Quote-signIt was our best IT investment last year!

McPherson's Consumer Products

McPhersons-Australia thumb
McPherson’s Consumer Products primary objective is to help retailers reduce costs, and to effectively manage the supply and marketing of everyday consumer products. For McPherson’s, it is absolutely essential to incorporate industry-leading online security and communication technologies to manage customer relations and supply chains. Margaret Watters, McPherson’s Consumer Products Operations Manager, says that MailGuard more than satisfies that criteria with its SaaS solutions... Download Case Study

Quote-signMailGuard has had a tremendous impact– it works extremely well!

Melbourne Zoo

zoo thumb
There was an urgent need to release IT resources to develop new applications and infrastructure rather than reactively address virus and spam issues. Unwelcome email was draining user productivity, overloading email systems and driving up storage costs... Download Case Study

Quote-signWe need to be proactive in addressing the goals of the organisation and focus our efforts in this area. AN outsource solution was a clear choice.


porsche thumb
Having previously implemented a software solution, Porsche was finding the management of its anti-spam and anti-virus software becoming more demanding and time consuming. With security issues on the increase needing more frequent upgrades and patches, it was decided a more effective solution was required that used less management and IT resource... Download Case Study

Quote-signIt was easy to implement and within one day, the benefits were obvious. I feel we are completely protected.


Stratsec had a problem. The specialist provider of information and data security was spending too much time controlling email spam and it was tying up staff that had better things to do.“We were struggling to provide a stable IT environment that would support our accelerating operations and to cope with the ‘bursty’ traffic flows,” Craig Searle says. Download Case Study

Quote-signThe most obvious benefit of implementing MailGuard would be the considerable reduction in spam email, reducing load on our servers and reduced costs associated with in-house spam management.

Tap Oil

Tap-Oil thumb
In January, 2006 Tap Oil Limited put in place MailGuard’s software as a service (SaaS) solution, to protect and maintain its corporate network. With MailGuard, Tap Oil’s email is filtered and archived through multilayered protection systems located across global data centres... Download Case Study

Quote-signMonthly reports from MailGuard provide valuable traffic statistics and allow our management to pinpoint any issues which may arise.

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Australian companies ahead of the curve in Cloud adoption.


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