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Posted by MailGuard Editor on 02 August 2013 01:13:00 AEST

Does your business use Salesforce? If so, you probably waste a lot of time adding emails manually to Salesforce. This is because your email client doesn't sync with Salesforce which forces you to manually update any communication you've had via email with leads, contacts, opportunities, cases and accounts. Enter CCRM.

CCRM seamlessly automates the capturing of emails and logs them under the correct lead or contact in Salesforce. It does this whilst users continue working with their normal email client i.e. Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes etc. It is the only app that also captures non-Salesforce users email communication to and from your Salesforce contacts; giving you a 360 degree view of inbound and outbound email communication.

Let's take a look at how CCRM can help with your Salesforce automation.

Seamless integration

CCRM provides complete integration between Salesforce and your email client without any user intervention. It captures all points of email correspondence in a structured and referenced way - by account, contact and sender. Users also have the ability to view these emails within Salesforce whenever they want.

CCRM is unique because it integrates and captures email correspondence for all leads, contacts, opportunities, cases and accounts even if the employee isn't a Salesforce user. This means a business can identify all staff interacting with key accounts and prospects, maintain a record of all contacts, and make more informed decisions when it comes to license allocation and distribution.


Not only does CCRM collect the information, it provides appropriate and insightful information to managers with regards to overall client contact. For example, managers can see which prospective clients have been contacted by the sales rep by reporting on the ‘Email’ field in Salesforce. They can also run the reverse report - known as exception reporting - to see all prospective clients who have not been contacted in any given time period. This level of reporting is crucial for businesses with a large clientele n a subscription model.

Increased productivity

As I mentioned earlier, CCRM provides complete integration with Salesforce and doesn't require users to intervene, update or maintain anything. Instead of wasting time adding data into Salesforce, employees can focus on getting their work done and making sales. This is especially important when each sales team member has a large number of clients and contacts to manage.


The lastest pricing can be found on CCRM's pricing page. You can register here for a 14 day free trial or simply visit the AppExchange.

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