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WebPure continuously monitors your website to ensure optimum security and usability for your customers. By regularly monitoring your website for broken links, malware, missing pages and foreign content, WebPure enables you to take action to proactively protect your brand.

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WebPure - Website Monitoring

Broken links and missing pages are frustrating for customers visiting your website. What’s worse is that they may be exploited by criminals looking to steal sensitive information, placing your hard-won brand loyalty at risk. To be proactive in maintaining the usability and security of your brand’s website, diligent processes and constant monitoring are vital.

WebPure takes away the headaches associated with managing your website’s security and usability. By regularly monitoring your website for broken links, missing pages, foreign content and viruses, WebPure identifies all customer-facing risks within your website. WebPure presents these findings to you in a clear, actionable report; allowing you to make the changes needed to enhance your customers’ experience, and maintain the security of your site.

Delivered as an automated SaaS solution, WebPure acts as an independent monitor for your website. With no software or installation required, WebPure’s service is quick and simple to implement.

WebPure Key Benefits

  • Board-level reporting - Greater control of website content

    WebPure generates easy-to-read Executive reports that clearly outline areas of your site that need repair. Designed for C-level executives, WebPure reports don't require detailed technical knowledge to take action. Instead, you are immediately empowered to pass clear instructions onto the technical team to protect your brand.

  • Content monitoring - Empowers management to take clear action

    Websites are now more social and interactive than ever before, with features that encourage user contribution - but this also opens the doors for spammers to embed foreign and unwanted content. Manual content management is time-consuming; and that's why WebPure gives more effective control by scanning for content updates, alerting you to recent changes.

  • External link and content monitoring - Adds value and improves usability for your customers

    WebPure not only scans links to pages within your site – it also scans for links to external pages, to ensure that they still exist. As an added bonus, WebPure also tracks the content of linked external pages for changes, enabling you to re-examine linkage relevancy. As a result, you are able to maintain better control of your brand.

  • Set-and-forget solution - Hassle-free

    Delivered as an automated SaaS solution, WebPure requires no software installation or maintenance. Activation is quick and simple, and WebPure works independently to perform regular scans at the frequency you select. All this is delivered to you at an affordable monthly price.

Technical Support

AU: 1300 30 65 10

US: 1888 848 2822

UK: 0 800 404 8993