Leading businesses choose cloud-based email hosting to free up bandwidth, improve security and ensure continual uptime.

Safe and Reliable, Enterprise-Grade Cloud Email Hosting

Now using the Zimbra platform, the same system used and trusted by MailGuard and the most popular alternative to the Exchange server, HostedMail has a high degree of stability and comes with built-in MailGuard enterprise-grade email filtering.

Email Solution Delivering Peace Of Mind

HostedMail includes POP3 and IMAP, Outlook integration, and webmail for desktop and mobile.

With 24/7 emergency telephone, email and web support, HostedMail provides peace of mind, plus the added benefit of features like variable data storage, mobile syncing and calendar sharing.

HostedMail removes the need to invest in your own Exchange servers or the resources required to maintain them.

Implementing HostedMail is a quick and simple process that allows business owners and managers full control of their email communication system for a low monthly per mailbox fee via MailGuard's unified managment console.


Get Protected

Implementing HostedMail is a quick and simple process that allows you to increase your network protection with immediate effect.


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Multiple Anti-Spam Engines for Spam, Malware & Phishing Protection

Dynamic anti-spam engines, including proactive heuristic filters to reject incoming spam, enable significant bandwidth savings. Layers of spam filters combine for advanced protection, performance and accuracy.

99.997% spam catch rate with near zero false positives, with no special tuning or ongoing administration. Comprehensive anti-spam reporting including individualized reports for employees (console), plus end-user spam quarantine release functionality.

Zero Onsite Software or Hardware, Means Reduced Expenditure

With HostedMail, there is no need to buy or lease your own Exchange servers, or to invest in the resources to maintain them, meaning you save on upfront and ongoing costs.

HostedMail also comes with full Microsoft Outlook integration.

Large Mailbox Storage Sizes, Let You Choose The Size That Suits Your Business

HostedMail offers a variety of mailbox storage sizes from 1GB through to 25GB, allowing you to tailor a solution that fits with your individual business needs.

Cloud-based Mail Means Increased Productivity 

As a cloud-based mail solution, HostedMail provides greater access for your employees to business critical information, allowing 24/7 access, anytime and anywhere. In today's fast paced business world, keeping pace with the demands of employee mobility is key.

Fully Managed Service, To Free Up Your Tech Team 

HostedMail is a fully managed service, meaning your valuable technical resources are free to focus on your highest priority business projects.

The platform is designed to support user maintenance by a non-technical person.

Web Interface Access Provides Visibility And Control Of Email Across Your Enterprise

HostedMail administration is accessible through a web interface, allowing your administrator to manage user accounts, passwords, storage availability, and more.

Tech or IT owners can stay in control of email communication, whether in the office or working remotely.

Remote Location Management For Outlook, Thunderbird and Apple Mail Access

Access to email from remote locations is provided via Outlook or other email clients. Once an address is set up, a user collects email from that address no matter where they're located and with mobile syncing, it doesn't matter if they're in the office, at home, abroad or on the road.

Ideal for small business and franchises

Simply add or delete addresses as required. Add new sites to a single domain. With billing per mailbox per month, it's a cost-effective solution.

Protects against lost productivity

In most organisations, in the event of a mail server failure, all email traffic stops. HostedMail infrastructure is fully redundant - meaning there is no single point of failure so you get peace of mind knowing you have email continuity so business can continue as usual.

Single company domain

Mail can be distributed to various sites with one single company domain. This is especially useful for franchisee organisations, or companies with multiple offices, eg: